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Top Five Stops On A Nile Cruise


Egypt is one of the tourist attraction country in the world, located in the north of Africa. Apart from its famous one of the Seven Wonders of the World means pyramids and monuments of Pharos, this country is also famous for mighty and magnificent River Nile. The Nile is the world’s longest river, it’s length is 6,695km.

Best Time to Egypt Travel at Nile

The most relevant time to sail at Nile between December and February (great season) when it’s warm, but not so sultry. While in summers temperature can be above 40 degrees Celsius. March/April and October/early November are less attractive months for tourists, mostly hotels and famous tourist sites seem quiet.August is also for only the most relaxingtime for sun seekers who would like to plan Egypt travel. Hence tourists love to travel Egypt in amid of December and February.

Journey on Nile Cruises

There are numerous cruises sailing in the Nile, mostly cruises travel between Aswan and Luxor. They have stops to see the temples at:

  • Karnak
  • Luxor
  • Kom Ombo
  • Edfu
  • The Valley of Kings

This journey consists of full of archaeological riches and ancient monuments which takes four to 10 days’ trip accordingly to tourists’ pocket&routed plans of cruises for the Egypt travel to Nile.


Travelling Egypt through cruise help to explore Karnak;Egypt’s most significant Pharaonic site. During the Central and Novel Kingdom eras, when ancient Egypt was at its zenith, Karnak was the country’s headquarters. This place was the home of the gods and the seat of the pharaoh and the ecclesiasticalgoverningclass. In almost 2000 years this gigantic place of Karnak built. Its complex dimension makes it difficult to comprehend. More than 1,300 years the complex was continuouslyenhanced, scale is enormous, includinginnumerable courts, halls and temples.

Uniqueness- Symbolism: Ancient Egyptians had different ways to worship various natural elements and architects of that time clearly used natural symbols in temples. Here 134 pillars Illustrate symbols of palm trees, River Nile, mountains and skies. These illustrated images are known as ‘hieroglyphs,’ which are the oldest in the world.


Word Luxor comes from the Arabic means palaces. In earlier times Luxor’s massive temple complexes form Egypt’s capital of Thebes. Most Nile Cruises start their journey from Luxor as a first stop at astonishing Egypt’s travel.The Temple of Luxor is dedicated to three gods of Thebesincluding Amun-Re, Khonsu&Mut. Acrobatic carvings of this temple look wonderful at night in the lights. It depicts the daily life of ancient Egypt.

Uniqueness- Spiritualsculptures: Hallmarks of 4 religions can be sighted here. Ancient Egyptian deities’ frescos signify Roman majestictrends, Abu El-Haggag mosqueand Coptic church.


This temple complex wasbuilt to pay homage to both Sobek and Horus, ‘the Crocodile god’ and ‘falcon god’ respectively. Mummified crocodile is stored in special chamber.Symmetries of thousands of mummified cats, dogs, crocodiles and baboons have been revealed.At night wall ofhieroglyphs seems like stage drama of life full events of that period.

Uniqueness- Repetition: Each and everything is in couples and uniformlydispersed between two gods from halls, courtyards to reservesand all other things.

  1. Edfu:

Edfu is the most well enduredand preserved temple of Egypt. It is devoted to Horus known as the Falcon god, one can witness human figure having a falcon head all over the temple. Ancient Egyptians worshiped falcons. Eye-catching halls and anterooms alongside with a well preserved inner sanctuary with a polished stoneworktomb; the trendy gold statue of Horus are must visiting site.

Uniqueness– Sacred place: Ancient Egyptians gods seemed everywhere at walls, impressive statues pillars as carving and painting, many were depicted with animal heads.

5.Valley of the Kings:

Valley of the Kings is the place of royal tombs, where great kings of that time buried. It’s not only the place of kings’ burials but a mysterious place of stories of treasures, craftsmen of tombs, robbery. Its history fascinates treasure hunters, fiction writers and Hollywood film makers. They travel Egypt for sighting this valley.

Uniqueness- Vibrantportraits: One can be amazed by seeing the contrast of colorful pictures inside the tomb as the outer side of the tomb is destroyed by excessive sunlight and rain water. These pictures have been saved in remarkable intelligent way, they look still as bright as someone made them recently.

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