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Top Five Stops On A Nile Cruise


Egypt is one of the tourist attraction country in the world, located in the north of Africa. Apart from its famous one of the Seven Wonders of the World means pyramids and monuments of Pharos, this country is also famous for mighty and magnificent River Nile. The Nile is the world’s longest river, it’s length is 6,695km.

Best Time to Egypt Travel at Nile

The most relevant time to sail at Nile between December and February (great season) when it’s warm, but not so sultry. While in summers temperature can be above 40 degrees Celsius. March/April and October/early November are less attractive months for tourists, mostly hotels and famous tourist sites seem quiet.August is also for only the most relaxingtime for sun seekers who would like to plan Egypt travel. Hence tourists love to travel Egypt in amid of December and February.

Journey on Nile Cruises

There are numerous cruises sailing in the Nile, mostly cruises travel between Aswan and Luxor. They have stops to see the temples at:

  • Karnak
  • Luxor
  • Kom Ombo
  • Edfu
  • The Valley of Kings

This journey consists of full of archaeological riches and ancient monuments which takes four to 10 days’ trip accordingly to tourists’ pocket&routed plans of cruises for the Egypt travel to Nile.


Travelling Egypt through cruise help to explore Karnak;Egypt’s most significant Pharaonic site. During the Central and Novel Kingdom eras, when ancient Egypt was at its zenith, Karnak was the country’s headquarters. This place was the home of the gods and the seat of the pharaoh and the ecclesiasticalgoverningclass. In almost 2000 years this gigantic place of Karnak built. Its complex dimension makes it difficult to comprehend. More than 1,300 years the complex was continuouslyenhanced, scale is enormous, includinginnumerable courts, halls and temples.

Uniqueness- Symbolism: Ancient Egyptians had different ways to worship various natural elements and architects of that time clearly used natural symbols in temples. Here 134 pillars Illustrate symbols of palm trees, River Nile, mountains and skies. These illustrated images are known as ‘hieroglyphs,’ which are the oldest in the world.


Word Luxor comes from the Arabic means palaces. In earlier times Luxor’s massive temple complexes form Egypt’s capital of Thebes. Most Nile Cruises start their journey from Luxor as a first stop at astonishing Egypt’s travel.The Temple of Luxor is dedicated to three gods of Thebesincluding Amun-Re, Khonsu&Mut. Acrobatic carvings of this temple look wonderful at night in the lights. It depicts the daily life of ancient Egypt.

Uniqueness- Spiritualsculptures: Hallmarks of 4 religions can be sighted here. Ancient Egyptian deities’ frescos signify Roman majestictrends, Abu El-Haggag mosqueand Coptic church.


This temple complex wasbuilt to pay homage to both Sobek and Horus, ‘the Crocodile god’ and ‘falcon god’ respectively. Mummified crocodile is stored in special chamber.Symmetries of thousands of mummified cats, dogs, crocodiles and baboons have been revealed.At night wall ofhieroglyphs seems like stage drama of life full events of that period.

Uniqueness- Repetition: Each and everything is in couples and uniformlydispersed between two gods from halls, courtyards to reservesand all other things.

  1. Edfu:

Edfu is the most well enduredand preserved temple of Egypt. It is devoted to Horus known as the Falcon god, one can witness human figure having a falcon head all over the temple. Ancient Egyptians worshiped falcons. Eye-catching halls and anterooms alongside with a well preserved inner sanctuary with a polished stoneworktomb; the trendy gold statue of Horus are must visiting site.

Uniqueness– Sacred place: Ancient Egyptians gods seemed everywhere at walls, impressive statues pillars as carving and painting, many were depicted with animal heads.

5.Valley of the Kings:

Valley of the Kings is the place of royal tombs, where great kings of that time buried. It’s not only the place of kings’ burials but a mysterious place of stories of treasures, craftsmen of tombs, robbery. Its history fascinates treasure hunters, fiction writers and Hollywood film makers. They travel Egypt for sighting this valley.

Uniqueness- Vibrantportraits: One can be amazed by seeing the contrast of colorful pictures inside the tomb as the outer side of the tomb is destroyed by excessive sunlight and rain water. These pictures have been saved in remarkable intelligent way, they look still as bright as someone made them recently.

Find out more informations here: http://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=1443

Egypt Internet Marketing Techniques

Sans titre-2

Getting the right digital marketing Egypt techniques is very important no matter what sort of website or business you plan to set up.  However, for many they really don’t know what techniques works best for them.  There are many developments when it comes to internet marketing and you have to be constantly updated on the latest trends.  What are the best Egypt internet marketing techniques to consider today?


Social Media and Economic Development in Egypt

Egypt keyboard

Internet and digital marketing in Egypt is flourishing. Sometimes it may seem it’s the only thing that is. But in the wake of the revolution, it’s not surprising.

Egypt’s youth.

About 24% of the population fall under 29 and over 18- the traditional definition of youth. Sadly, over half of these youth live in poverty. Social media first came to the fore in the 2011 uprisings, where the youth used it as a powerful tool for social change. However, as economic conditions in Egypt have deteriorated, it’s now being used as a tool for development with video marketing and more coming to the fore. Egypt holds a unique position in that it is the largest Arab user of both Facebook and Twitter. 39 million Egyptians have internet access. And they’re using it- up to 89% of new startups report using social and Internet marketing here in Egypt.

Obstacles and New Initiatives.

Dealing with- and fighting out of-poverty is never easy. Nor is functioning in a digital marketing space with poor infrastructure. But these obstacles can be bypassed by attracting investors, establishing support networks and actively fostering the bright minds of the Egyptian youth with innovation laboratories. Where they can’t’ be brought together online, they need to be brought together physically.

The ADEF, or Arab Digital Expression Foundation is a private organization that’s focused on mentorship for digital and social media initiatives amount the youth. They actively promote the uniting of youths to crate, network and above all generate new ideas. The UNDP also offers copious assistance in this regard. Not every online marketing initiative grow s into a successful start-up, of course, but many have an excellent chance at doing so given the right financial or technical support.

The challenges

Internet marketing in Egypt isn’t that simple, though. One obstacle lies in outdated legal frameworks that lack the capability to respond to digital issues. Taxation laws for new forms of video marketing and startups aren’t clear. Innovators are often forced to unconventional methods to deal with the unique legal issues facing the field

Holes in Egyptian law in this area also affect the opportunities to gain funding. A classic example is a model now growing in the west- crowd funding- which is not legal in Egypt, as law bogs down the terms under which online shares can be sold and used. Of course, there’s the age old conundrum of staid social pressure preferring the ‘safety’ of hallowed brick and mortar and ‘real’ jobs, too. Social stigma attaching to this can do a great deal of damage to digital marketing in Egypt. As in the West, a host of other challenges face these digital innovators. But one thing the youth are good at is finding new innovations to match.

In a struggling economy, the potential for this upswing in employment and revenue from digital marketing in Egypt cannot be underplayed. The creation of a favorable market for digital marketing and other jobs makes updating this outdated regulatory infrastructure a must to help Egypt into its bright digital future.


Why Is An Adjustable Dumbbell Worth Your Dollars

Why Is An Adjustable Dumbbell Worth Your Dollars

Many people today are using adjustable dumbbells as their main source of exercise equipment. There are many factors that have contributed to this popularity increase with this product. Part has to do with today’s society being so busy and fast paced. Life gets hectic for all of us and our time for ourselves is sometimes very limited. Most of us do not have time to go to the gym anymore and workout, so many are working out at home. This way they can pick up the kids and maybe workout while they are doing their homework or watching TV.

Why Are These So Popular

Since the main workout area for many people is now at home, according to many of the adjustable dumbbell reviews, one of the reasons is the fact that they are so easy to use and convenient. With working out at home some people only have small areas to workout in. These dumbbells are small and can store anywhere out of the way when not in use such as under your bed or desk or in the closet. Since these are so small you do not need as much room to workout as your would with the regular weights.check more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peace_dollar.

Are They Worth Your Money?

There are some on the market that are well worth the money that you pay for them. You as a consumer must be cautious and do your homework before making your purchase. Here are some of the reasons:

• They are small and compact but yet can offer you a complete workout

• Many of them are designed from quality materials and will last for many years

• Some of them offer the amount of weights that can be adjusted to work for the entire
family for their workout.

• One of these little units can take the place of several other sets and pieces of exercise
equipment. It is more cost effective to purchase one product than several to do the
same thing.

Why Is An Adjustable Dumbbell Worth Your Dollars

Why Be Choosy?

Yes, many of these units are well worth your dollars according to the adjustable dumbbell reviews. As a consumer you must do your homework to make sure you are buying the proper set for you and your family’s needs. To help ensure that you are getting your moneys worth, you must be a wise shopper. Does the unit that you are looking at have the right amount of weights that you and your family would use or can you purchase more that will add on to your set? That is a very important question, because if you purchase one that does not offer enough weights, then you have not saved money.

Another important aspect is the quality of the set that you are purchasing. What is the unit made from? If it is one made from steel or a good metal, then the chances are that these will last a long time, but there are others that are made from plastic. You answer the question about which material will normally last longer and hold up better. As long as you shop wisely, there are several adjustable dumbbells that are worthy of your dollars.

What To Look For while You Shop For Adjustable Dumbbells

adjustable dumbbell routine

With the use of the adjustable dumbbells, it is making the ability to work out easier for many people. These sets are small and are easy to store and many of them are easy to use. There are huge varieties on the market to choose from and they are available in a wide price range. The price range will vary depending upon the quality and the abilities that these sets offer. There is such a vast range to choose from, you just want to make sure the set you purchase will allow you to do what you want to accomplish.

Exercising At Home

According to many of the adjustable dumbbell reviews, with so many people exercising at home today due to their busy schedules and hectic life, the dumbbells are an important part of being able to get a total workout at home. Maybe purchase an exercise mat, depending on what exercises you plan on doing and start shaping up in a small area of your home. Most of these have adjustable weights that will work for almost any exercise program that you want to put in place. With your mat and something as simple as a chair, most people will not need any more equipment.

What To Look For

• Look for an adjustable set that has plates that are easy for you to switch the weights.
Several have a dial that will release the amount of weights that you do not want on your
bars making weight changing fast and completed in about 15 seconds.(http://traveleuropehq.com/adjustable-dumbbell-worth-dollars/)

• Read the reviews and find the sets that will work best for you. There are several
that offer different features, find the features that best suit your needs. Find the set that
makes you comfortable with a comfortable hand grip and the correct thickness of the
bar and the grip.

• Make your selection with the room that you have for storage and for your workout
space. Make sure that the dumbbells that you choose will store out of your way when
not in use.

• Make sure that your selection has the weights that you will want to use from the
minimum to the maximum. If it does not have the maximum, make sure that more can
be purchased to be added to your dumbbell set.

• Consider your budget, when making your selection, try to stay with in your guidelines,
but remember that most of these units can replace several others at the same time.

adjustable dumbbell routine

When purchasing your workout equipment there are many different things to consider. Number one makes sure that the equipment is comfortable for your use and your workout style. Make sure that your equipment is the right fit for you. When equipment that is too big or too bulky for smaller hands are being used, it can cause an injury to the person or the equipment can be damaged if dropped. Choose wisely and enjoy your workout with your new adjustable dumbbells.visit this website.

5 Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbells

When most people are looking for workout equipment such as adjustable dumbbells, they will often check the reviews for the top products that are being purchased by other consumers. Many will also read the reviews or comments that the consumers that have purchased the product have made. Seeing what the consumers that have purchased and used any product is a great way to see if the product is actually accomplishing what it promotes that it does or if it falls short from its advertising. You might even find that different reviews will have some of the same products but some of them are also different.

Why Are All Reviews Not The Same?

There are several reasons that not all of the adjustable dumbbells reviews have the same top 5 products. Different reviews sometimes have different criteria that they use to determine the top products. Others look at the amount of sales that each of the products have and what some of the consumers have to say about the products. As with most reviews, a lot of the review has to do with opinion of the author and the information that they have obtained on the product.check at http://www.egypt.travel.

Top 5 Products

• Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells have become very popular and have 15
different weight settings for your workout. The weights can be adjusted from 5 LBS to
52.2 LBS and can be increased or decreased by 2.5 LB increments.

• Iron Master Dumbell Set offers a weight range from 5 LBS to 75 LBS and will also
allow you to change your weight settings in 2.5 LB increments. This unit is made of
super heavy duty materials and comes with a space saver and exercise post.

• Weider Speed Weight allows you to adjust your weights in 5 LB increments and each
dumbbell has ten settings. The weights can be adjusted from 15 LBS to 60 LBS with

• Boyou Fitness set comes with plates and is lightweight for various exercises. The
weights can be adjusted from 10 to 50 LBS by increments of 5 LBS.

• PowerBlock Elite 90 Adjustable Dumbbells has weights that range from 5 LBS to 90
LBS and are adjustable in 5 LB increments. This unit also has more weights that are
available for purchase that can increase the weights up to 130 LBS.

Adjustable Dumbells

When searching for the best exercise equipment, it is wise to go online and search for the top products and read the professional reviews on them. Next, read the reviews from the consumers that have purchased these items and see what they have to say and you can see both the good and the bad. Before making your purchase be sure that you can find a unit that will allow you to complete all of the exercises that you are wanting to perform. Check the hand grips and make sure they are designed small enough for your comfort. Make sure before spending your hard earned money that you do your homework when looking to find your new adjustable dumbbell set.

5 Tips for Choosing The Best Digital Marketing Agency In Egypt

Egypt Digital Marketing

Digital marketing Egypt has become one of the most popular and economical type of marketing for many companies. This form of marketing has saved many companies a substantial amount of money for their results compared to the old style of just advertising in the newspaper or using flyer inserts that normally get thrown in the trash. Many companies have spent thousands of dollars on printing flyers and running ads including television and radio ads that are very costly.

Why Is This So Effective?

Internet marketing Egypt has become so effective, because it helps to give the business owner a say into who gets his advertisements and where his advertisement dollars are being spent. Almost everyone today has a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or computer that they go onto the internet so they can surf the web. This makes digital marketing so convenient. Many people when they are getting ready to go on a vacation or maybe even looking for a certain product or service will go online and search. The internet has become so popular that marketing online has almost become a necessity to any businesses survival. These searches can be done from the comfort of your home or while waiting even at the doctors office from any of your mobile devices that will connect you online.

Finding The Best Digital Marketing Agency In Egypt

• Find a company that has had an established business for a while and has a decent

• Make sure the company uses the latest technology to attract new customers for your

• Is the company financially sound and can they keep your business in the spotlight with
the newest ever changing technology.

• Discuss your marketing plan and make sure that the company you are thinking about
hiring offers several different plans and techniques to market your business (http://adjustabledumbbellsninja.com)

• Be sure that the company cares about the success of your business and is willing to
incorporate or at least discuss any opinions that you may have.

Egypt Digital Marketing

Why Hire Help For Your Business

You want your business in the spotlight when you hire a Internet marketing Egypt. When the tourist that are coming into town to see the Pyramids, search for a hotel to stay at or a nice restaurant to have their evening meals, you want the company that you are paying to make sure they know about your business. When hiring a company to promote your business, wouldn’t it be great to have them contact tourists at the Pyramids and give them a discount coupon for your restaurant for dinner tonight?

It can happen, only the company should have equipment that will communicate with the tourists phones or mobile devices and send them a coupon with the name of your restaurant and address. Since you are located in the area, many of the tourist will take advantage of this situation and come have dinner at your establishment with their coupon and a smile. All of this is possible, due to the help of your digital marketing Egypt Company.

Quick Guide to Developing a Facebook Business Page

Small Business Guide

Facebook is the probably the most visited website in the world.  It’s hard to say how long people spend on Facebook but an article by most visited website in the world.  It’s hard to say how long people spend on Facebook but an article by www.mashable.com estimated that US users spend an average of 8 hours a month on the site and according to the Daily Mail in the UK the average 18-25 year old user spends 1 hour 20 minutes per day, both staggering statistics!

So is a facebook page right for my business?  Only you can answer this, it all depends on the type of customer you have and if they actively use facebook.  If you operate in a business to consumer market I would definitely recommend it but if you manufacture rubber grommets to a handful of customers it may be difficult to justify having a page.

At the time of writing this blog post my own Facebook business page has only recently been created.  Please help me by following my page on the right hand side of this page.  Once I get over 100 followers I will start to give away free marketing stuff to my followers and you can post any digital marketing questions you have for discussion.

Sorry, back to my post, if you do want to develop a Facebook page here is a quick guide to getting you up and running quickly:here is a quick guide to getting you up and running quickly:

Create a page

Look for a drop down arrow at the top right-hand corner of your page and select create a page.  You will then see a page as per the image below.  Click on the box that best resembles your business and fill in the info – simple!

Create Facebook Page

Create Facebook Page

Make it look like a business page:         

  • You run a business after all so make it professional
  • Use a branded cover photo so that your visitors instantly recognise the page relates to your business.
  • Complete the business information section using relevant keywords as this page will get referenced by Google and therefore is useful for SEO
  • Keep the name of the page short and relevant to your business i.e. incorporate your business name

Get a Vanity URL as soon as possible

Until you get 25 people following your business page the URL will be quite long and not very memorable.  Invite your friends, family, colleagues etc early because as soon as you reach 25 followers you can simplify your business pages URL. (http://www.egypt.travel)

Once you have achieved this milestone go to Edit page, edit settings and then select basic information.  Then click on change username as per the screen shot below.

Page Setting

Page Setting

Facebook are quite strict on the format of page names so if you get it wrong you might be forced to change the page name, here is a guide to help you:

  • Keep the name grammatically correct, no block capitals
  • Don’t included characters or special symbols
  • Don’t use a generic page name e.g. “food” or “football”

Simple ways to promote your facebook business page:

  • Add your facebook URL page to your business email signature
  • Add a facebook like box to your website or blog
  • Add your facebook URL to your business cards (business email signature)
  • Ask your clients to like your facebook page
  • Ask your Twitter followers to like your Facebook Fan Page
  • Create shareable content and incorporate your page name and branding

How to Get the Most Out of Google+

Internet Marketing

Are you currently using Google+ in your business?  You could be forgiven if not.  It’s been around since the middle of 2011 and had been seemingly slow to take off but the number of active users it has developed might just surprise you.  According to a recent article in Forbes  Google+ had amassed over 343 million users at the end of 2012.  Whilst still significantly behind Facebook’s reported 693 million it is still quite an achievement given Google+ was only approaching its second birthday. Read full post at http://traveleuropehq.com/10-great-tips-engaging-facebook-business-page/.

So what are the main reasons for using Google+?

  • It’s a Google product! – As Google is the dominant force on the web it makes a lot of sense for businesses to develop a Google+ strategy.  If you develop quality content that attracts comments, shares and +1’s on your Google account it will significantly increase your visibility on the web, personally and at company level.
  • Segmentation of your audience – Google+ makes it really easy to segment your followers so that you can tailor your communications to the needs of each group, for example organising your contacts into customers, prospects and suppliers.   Simply create a circle for each group and drag and drop your contacts into each.  If you struggle with this step check out the Google+ support page here
  • Content has SEO benefits – Your Google Plus profile and business page are included in Google search results which give you a boost in the rankings making it easier for others to search and find you.  This is because posting content on Google+ doesn’t just share it with your contacts it also flags it to Google and it is indexed relatively quickly.  So if you’ve ever had problems with Google taking for ever to crawl and index your site this is a quick fix for you.
  • Personalised Search – Google+ is smart, really smart.  Once you have developed a relationship with people, added them to your circles then Google helps elevate your relevant posts in the search of your Google+ contacts.  Providing your contact is logged into Google it makes the link with your content and their search requirement and elevates your content in their search results.  You can tell when this has happened as a little graphic of a head and shoulders appears next to the result, here is an example courtesy of Googles own blog: (http://adjustabledumbbellsninja.com)

Internet Marketing

Google+ Personalised Results

  • You can monitor the reach of your content – Google Ripple is a fantastic tool designed to demonstrate how viral your content is.  If you share a post to Public in Google+ it can show you how often your content is being shared.  All you need to do is paste the URL of your content into the tool and it will show you the number of times it has been shared on a handy graph.  Also to the right hands side of the graph it will show you who shared it publicly.  So Ripples is a great way to find out who your key promoters are so make sure you show your appreciation for their support.  Working on your network with the aim of creating valuable content and cultivating long term relationships will help the development of these valuable contacts.
  • Google Authorship – is how Google authenticates your business and accepts it as a source of high-quality content and is linked to your Google+ account.  One of the key benefits of this is that once you have signed up to the Google Authorship Program your blog posts will start to get a photo displayed next to it in the search results and your posts will start to rank higher.  Google authorship will also provide you with a number of other benefits:
    • Higher click through rate – as your posts will stand our more and will appear to have more authority given the personal touch a picture provides.
    • More traffic to your Google+ Profile as this is linked in the search result and a quick click on the “by author name” takes the searcher straight to your page.
    • “More by” link next to the author name can take the user to other content you have created.

(It took me a while to work out to set up Google Authorship for my WordPress site so in my next post I will show you how to do this quickly).

So what do you think of Google+?  Has this post changed your opinion?  Will you use it more than you have or do you already use it?  Keen to hear your views.

10 Great Tips for an Engaging Facebook Business Page


1.       Post consistently and always consider the added value – Don’t spam your customers with lots of updates per day but equally don’t go for days without posting an update so strike a balance.  Also, consider your posts from your customer’s perspective i.e. what’s in it for them and why they liked your page in the first place.  Doing this will ensure you stay on message and keep your followers engaged with your page.  The more engaged your followers are with your pages posts the more likely they are to continue to appear in their news feed.  If a customer ignores your posts for a prolonged period then your posts will disappear from their news feed altogether and they are unlikely to revisit your page off their own back so the likelihood is you’ve lost them forever. their news feed.  If a customer ignores your posts for a prolonged period then your posts will disappear from their news feed altogether and they are unlikely to revisit your page off their own back so the likelihood is you’ve lost them forever. 

2.       Don’t just post, ask questions and start a discussion – encourage engagement on your wall by asking questions and starting discussions.  These questions can be about your products, services, a topical news item or even asking customers about the challenges they face which your business may have the solutions for.  This tactic works really well when you are struggling for fresh new content as your followers will likely provide an angle with their response – or even result in a new sale or business opportunity! Read more at http://josoor.org.

3.       Personalise your comments – if you have time try replying personally to your followers individually (by typing@ then typing the name of the person you want to reply to immediately afterwards with no spaces).  It will make your follower feel special and show the rest of your followers that you will engage with them. 

4.       Thank your new followers – send a personal message to all new people who like your page.  This may be difficult to do if your page really takes off so another tip could be to send a weekly welcome message to all new followers – you could even list them in the body of your message.  This will reflect well on your brand, shows you actively manage your page and care about your audience.

5.       Re-Post your best content – not all of your fans will be looking at facebook when you post your content, some might not sign in for a while so if you have an interesting post or link to share post it several times over a few days under different guises (if you re post exactly the same it is likely to bore the original recipients!).  Don’t use this approach all the time as you can appear spammy, save it for your killer content.   You can also pin important posts to the top of your timeline for up to a week, simply hover your cursor over your post, click the pencil item and select pin to top.

6.       Swift engagement – if someone comments on a status update or posts a message on your timeline try to reply as soon as possible.  Late replies reduce the chance to continue a conversation, provide a solution to a problem or thank a customer for their input and support.

7.       Use Images and Video  – pages that regularly use photo’s, images and video tend to generate far more engagement than pages that don’t – after all its far more interesting than pure text.  If you can, try to include an image with every update and encourage your followers to share your post.  Doing so will help you reach a far greater audience than you expected and can result in people checking out your page (and hopefully following you).  Keep your images and videos in line with your brand, the viral potential can be damaging as well as beneficial.

8.       Create Facebook Offers – once your page gets over 100 likes the offers menu will appear on your page.  This feature enables you to create interactive offers to drive sales activity and promote special deals.  Everyone likes a deal and if it’s good enough will probably tell their friends about it so encourage your fans to share it and they probably will.

9.       Limit auto-posting – auto-posting your tweets, video’s and posts might seem like a good idea especially because it saves time but could lead your fans to view your page as spammy because of the robotic nature of your communications.  Posting manually enables the customisation of your message which will make a huge difference to your page – it doesn’t actually take that much more time to do.  I have disabled the Publicise feature in my WordPress blog for this very reason.

10.   Promote Events – If you have an event you are organising try inviting some of your followers using the events feature.  It’s a great way to show off how popular your business is and can create hype around the event too – people can see which of their contacts are going stimulating discussion and you can create a series of countdown status updates building up to the event so overall fantastic PR.

What do you think?  What works for your Facebook page?  Keen to hear your views.