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Facebook is the probably the most visited website in the world.  It’s hard to say how long people spend on Facebook but an article by most visited website in the world.  It’s hard to say how long people spend on Facebook but an article by www.mashable.com estimated that US users spend an average of 8 hours a month on the site and according to the Daily Mail in the UK the average 18-25 year old user spends 1 hour 20 minutes per day, both staggering statistics!

So is a facebook page right for my business?  Only you can answer this, it all depends on the type of customer you have and if they actively use facebook.  If you operate in a business to consumer market I would definitely recommend it but if you manufacture rubber grommets to a handful of customers it may be difficult to justify having a page.

At the time of writing this blog post my own Facebook business page has only recently been created.  Please help me by following my page on the right hand side of this page.  Once I get over 100 followers I will start to give away free marketing stuff to my followers and you can post any digital marketing questions you have for discussion.

Sorry, back to my post, if you do want to develop a Facebook page here is a quick guide to getting you up and running quickly:here is a quick guide to getting you up and running quickly:

Create a page

Look for a drop down arrow at the top right-hand corner of your page and select create a page.  You will then see a page as per the image below.  Click on the box that best resembles your business and fill in the info – simple!

Create Facebook Page

Create Facebook Page

Make it look like a business page:         

  • You run a business after all so make it professional
  • Use a branded cover photo so that your visitors instantly recognise the page relates to your business.
  • Complete the business information section using relevant keywords as this page will get referenced by Google and therefore is useful for SEO
  • Keep the name of the page short and relevant to your business i.e. incorporate your business name

Get a Vanity URL as soon as possible

Until you get 25 people following your business page the URL will be quite long and not very memorable.  Invite your friends, family, colleagues etc early because as soon as you reach 25 followers you can simplify your business pages URL. (http://www.egypt.travel)

Once you have achieved this milestone go to Edit page, edit settings and then select basic information.  Then click on change username as per the screen shot below.

Page Setting

Page Setting

Facebook are quite strict on the format of page names so if you get it wrong you might be forced to change the page name, here is a guide to help you:

  • Keep the name grammatically correct, no block capitals
  • Don’t included characters or special symbols
  • Don’t use a generic page name e.g. “food” or “football”

Simple ways to promote your facebook business page:

  • Add your facebook URL page to your business email signature
  • Add a facebook like box to your website or blog
  • Add your facebook URL to your business cards (business email signature)
  • Ask your clients to like your facebook page
  • Ask your Twitter followers to like your Facebook Fan Page
  • Create shareable content and incorporate your page name and branding

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