5 Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbells

When most people are looking for workout equipment such as adjustable dumbbells, they will often check the reviews for the top products that are being purchased by other consumers. Many will also read the reviews or comments that the consumers that have purchased the product have made. Seeing what the consumers that have purchased and used any product is a great way to see if the product is actually accomplishing what it promotes that it does or if it falls short from its advertising. You might even find that different reviews will have some of the same products but some of them are also different.

Why Are All Reviews Not The Same?

There are several reasons that not all of the adjustable dumbbells reviews have the same top 5 products. Different reviews sometimes have different criteria that they use to determine the top products. Others look at the amount of sales that each of the products have and what some of the consumers have to say about the products. As with most reviews, a lot of the review has to do with opinion of the author and the information that they have obtained on the product.check at http://www.egypt.travel.

Top 5 Products

• Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells have become very popular and have 15
different weight settings for your workout. The weights can be adjusted from 5 LBS to
52.2 LBS and can be increased or decreased by 2.5 LB increments.

• Iron Master Dumbell Set offers a weight range from 5 LBS to 75 LBS and will also
allow you to change your weight settings in 2.5 LB increments. This unit is made of
super heavy duty materials and comes with a space saver and exercise post.

• Weider Speed Weight allows you to adjust your weights in 5 LB increments and each
dumbbell has ten settings. The weights can be adjusted from 15 LBS to 60 LBS with

• Boyou Fitness set comes with plates and is lightweight for various exercises. The
weights can be adjusted from 10 to 50 LBS by increments of 5 LBS.

• PowerBlock Elite 90 Adjustable Dumbbells has weights that range from 5 LBS to 90
LBS and are adjustable in 5 LB increments. This unit also has more weights that are
available for purchase that can increase the weights up to 130 LBS.

Adjustable Dumbells

When searching for the best exercise equipment, it is wise to go online and search for the top products and read the professional reviews on them. Next, read the reviews from the consumers that have purchased these items and see what they have to say and you can see both the good and the bad. Before making your purchase be sure that you can find a unit that will allow you to complete all of the exercises that you are wanting to perform. Check the hand grips and make sure they are designed small enough for your comfort. Make sure before spending your hard earned money that you do your homework when looking to find your new adjustable dumbbell set.

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